buying bewilderment

some thoughts and some words.

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There are children playing (and laughing and squealing) outside. They sound like they are about six or younger. It’s still colder than it is warm out, especially now as the sun goes down, but I did have to take my sweater off today. My cat is sitting on my unmade bed, her tail flicking aContinue reading “Details”


Some days I am like a beautiful woman Awake in the morning My smile an embrace Everyone hates a beautiful woman Sometimes she is a lake people die in She walks in and People talk and Some begin to hate and Hunger eats at the seams of underpants Everyone eats nervously You call yourself aContinue reading “Woman”


There is nothing, maybe just air and sky, if that. It is, however, freezing cold. Then a light, like a sundog, spreads vertically, infinitely. I understand it to be an infinite, vertical rainbow. Everything around it is gray. It may or may not contain all of the colors of the rainbow. It might contain justContinue reading “Dreams”